Periodontics is a recognized specialty of the American Dental Association. It is the study of the diseases of the "attachment apparatus", (those tissues which hold your teeth in your head), and the practice of diagnosis, treatment and maintenance procedures performed for the goal of creating an environment and an understanding which favors health and the retention of natural teeth. We treat this complex multi-species bacterial infection in as conservative manner as effectively as possible. When surgical intervention is required, it is recommended and discussed. We accept referrals from General Dentists for Periodontal/Restorative cases.

Dr. Henry enjoys working with a variety of other doctors, and since he also practices restorative dentistry, he has first-hand experience and knowledge as to what the restorative dentist needs to create successful case outcomes that are maintainable and beautiful.

If you are referred to a Periodontist and choose Dr. Henry, he will work closely with your dentist with mutual respect in the capacity of a co-therapist Periodontist and for your ultimate benefit.