Mission Statement


  I believe healthy mouths and natural teeth are absolutely precious and represent real human wealth. My primary goal is to preserve my patient's dentition for life. I restore teeth with longevity in mind. Periodontal Disease, (a multi-species bacterial infection of the attachment tissues of the teeth), is the most common disease in human beings. To achieve oral health, one must treat both tooth decay and periodontal disease. The Periodontal/Dental procedures performed here're at a level I would want for myself, my family or my staff. This means the highest value, quality, and longevity I can possibly deliver. I am not interested in taking your money and performing mediocre dentistry. If I do that the only one who will eat better is me. 

We are able to diagnose, interrupt your cycle of disease, create an environment which favors health, and with your help, maintain it for life. I am a Specialist in Periodontics (#3633), an esthetic (cosmetic) and restorative dentist who practices with a focus on your safety, comfort, esthetic presentation and restorative function. I have been practicing for 26 years.